Snow Day!

 Posted by at 12:34 on 4 March 2016
Mar 042016

It is well and truly snowing today.

8:30am, from Dinting Arches

8:30am, from Dinting Arches

It was snowing when I first looked out at 8am, and it hasn’t stopped once yet – it’s now 12:30.

Looking up Chunal Lane at 12 noon.

Looking up Chunal Lane at 12 noon.

There’s a chance of snow forecast to carry straight on through to 6am tomorrow morning.

The little tree on the left in the foreground is a cherry tree - it's in blossom, though you can't see that.  There are also a bunch of daffodils in flower buried in the snow at its base.

The little tree on the left in the foreground is a cherry tree – it’s in blossom, though you can’t see that. There are also a bunch of daffodils in flower buried in the snow at its base.

There are traffic accidents all over the place, naturally. One year ago today we went to collect our UK car from the dealer – thank heavens it wasn’t like this then!

Amazingly, we’ve actually gotten our milk and mail deliveries today. We’ll see if the eggs come later – I’m betting they’ll be snowed in on the farm.

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  1. it does look very gorgeous and I bet the road is so quiet xx

    • When I first looked out, at 8am, I realized it was as quiet as Christmas Day!

      But man, Chris was absolutely covered in sweat when he got home from trudging through the sludge. If only we had heating underneath our roads and sidewalks, then the snow could just be pretty, and not cause any problems, and we could all be happy. (Well, except for if you don’t want it cold, but hey, you can’t have everything.)

  2. What a beautiful picture you took of Dinting Arches! Hope you can and Chris can stay in and stay safe.

    • Thanks – Chris took that off the train on his way into the office, actually. Thankfully, he came home safely. I’m poorly, so I’m staying in.

  3. Really nice pictures SJ. Hopefully you and Chris can just stay/work at home today and avoid all the crazy drivers that don’t slow down or drive properly on the snow.

    • I stayed home, and I would’ve done anyways, since I’m poorly. Chris trudged into the office. We didn’t move the car, since the road wasn’t clear in the morning, and I was napping when he was on his way home. Lots and lots of wrecks – the traffic maps on Google were just solid red all the way. Closed roads. I saw reports on facebook of people spending an hour just driving one mile. How ironic to have your car overheat with snow on the ground – but in those conditions, I wonder how many did.

      The traffic coming up and down our road was vastly reduced, so it was a nice, quiet day for us. They did mostly slow down, but they didn’t increase their following distances. I kept waiting all day long for a wreck. Thankfully none came that I heard.

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