Travel Tuesday: Denman College

Welcome to a new series, Travel Tuesday, wherein I share photos from our outings. Most will be daytrips (since that’s what we do the most – we do like our comforts of home); some will be longer. Some will be multi-part. I hope to post this at least most Tuesdays.

For this first one, I’ve decided to share the photos from my trip to Denman in April & May last year. These are mainly of the grounds, because I did manage to look around a bit in the mornings before class started, but otherwise, as you’ll recall from my year in review post, I generally looked like this:

I was at Denman for a week of sewing with the fabulous May Martin. I looked like this a lot. - 1 May 2013
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There was a long train trip, but it was pretty boring countryside, to be honest, and none of the few photos I took came out, so just imagine 3 hours’ worth of fields to start with. Oh yes, the one interesting thing was that there were less dry stone walls and more hedges. Right, so three hours’ worth of hedged fields. And then…

(Remember to click on any photo to start the slideshow.)

My favorite pair of photos out of those are these two:

20130502_083544 20130502_084848

What a difference the angle makes!

And then it was home sweet home. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Denman College

  1. I Love your pictures! Must as if I was there. So are you taking sewing classes there? AND, do you have a wheeley to tote your machine around? So tell me, what you are learning and making. I’m all ears.

    • Thanks!

      I don’t have a wheely to tote my machine around – that sounds nice! We had a bag it fit in for that trip, but it was just soft sides, so I was always worried about it.

      I took two 2-night courses there this past spring, 29 April to 3 May. The first course was Sewing Machine Magic 1, in which we did a bunch of samples of different techniques, basically getting to grips with our machines and various other ideas about sewing. She taught us about: thread, tension, cleaning our machines, gathering, shirring, buttonholes, bias binding, piping, pleated edgings, elastic, attaching lace, blind hemming, using twin needles, putting in a zipper, appliqué, tucks and waves, attaching different sorts of fabrics, covered rouleau, and quilting. She gave us a whole bunch of small tips and tricks as we went along, too. It was brilliant.

      The second course was altering clothes – we brought things we wanted to alter, and May showed us how to do it. Both courses are invaluable. I used a lot of the skills from the first course in making that banner, and being able to alter clothing is exceedingly useful when you don’t have an off-the-rack body shape!

      There’s another half she does, Sewing Machine Magic 2, with a whole different set of techniques, and several other courses as well, all of which I would’ve liked to take, if only the people at Denman hadn’t treated me so poorly and lied to me multiple times while I was there. Since they did, I’ll never bother wasting my time or money there again. Thankfully May does courses elsewhere, so once I get that whole UK driving thing situated, I hope to be able to attend some of those. In the mean time, I need to keep using the skills and confidence I’ve already gained!

  2. SJ, what great pictures! I’d love to see that area in person next time we visit. The last tree that you liked reminds me of live oak trees we have here. Good thing you had Eeyore to keep you company on the way there and back. Why don’t they do the stone walls and hedges in that area?

    • Thanks, Dad!

      You’re right, that tree does look like ones I’ve seen there; no wonder I liked it. 🙂

      They don’t seem to do dry stone walls down there; they seem to do hedges and fencese instead. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it has to do with available local materials. The Peak District is stone, so we have plenty of it to use up here. I suppose they don’t down there.

      Maybe by the time you visit again I’ll have that whole UK car thing sorted out, and will be a bit better-traveled so I’ll know where to take you!

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