Web Wednesday

Another roundup of interesting and amusing things I’ve found on the web. Nothing else in the last week because I’ve been working with Chris to create a separate Glossop Events website, which is up now, wooohooo! We also made other adjustments to the world of Glossop Events, which I’ll let you go explore if you’re curious, and quit boring you with it if you’re not.

I’ve been to Manchester Art Gallery today with Glossopdale WI, where I thoroughly enjoyed the Gallery of Craft and Design. I’d looked at the website ahead of time and found and read the tumblr (which is sort of like a blog) for the exhibit Home, Land, and Sea: Art in the Netherlands 1600-1800, which did bring that gallery alive to me. I had, however, completely missed that this museum was on the top floor, and only found it by accident (I’d heard wrong which floor the exhibit we were supposed to be there to see, A Vanity of Small Differences). I got absorbed on the top floor, but did eventually make it down to look at those tapestries. Anyway, look forward to a write up of that soon – hopefully some of the photos came out.

Onwards with Web Wednesday!

Not sure which caption is best for this octopus – “Come and live with me under the sea!” or “Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Cthulu?”

Some butterflies to remind us that our antipodean friends are enjoying summer at the moment. The caption tells us what they’re up to – fascinating.

Telephone engineer high above the streets of London, 1930s. Health & safety? What elf’n’safety? 😉

I like Kim Kommando. I think more people need, still today, to be out telling everyone how not to blow up their computer. I still find far too much fear of computers among my friends and acquaintances.

Some of these Victorian slang terms are amusing and/or good and should definitely be brought back. My favorites include:

  • Bags o’ mystery – Sausages. Still applies, really.
  • Butter upon bacon – Too much extravagance. This meal we had shortly after looking at this list really was, because it calls for far too much butter.
  • Daddles – Hands. “Jazz daddles” needs to take the internet by storm!
  • Doing the bear – Courting that involves hugging. Courting is another word that should come back as well.

I love auroras. This collection of time-lapse videos of auroras is a lovely interlude.

The world’s largest reflection pool of sorts, found in Bolivia, created when it rains onto the world’s largest salt flat. They use this place to calibrate satellite altimeters!

A brewery in Missouri is run by a guy with common sense and a sense of humor, who replied in a brilliant way to a ridiculous cease and desist letter from Starbucks’ lawyers here.

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