A canal walk around Uppermill

On Wednesday, I went with some of the members of my WI for a walk alongside the canal near Uppermill, a town in Saddleworth, Oldham, Greater Manchester. It’s a beautiful place, very much like the High Peak, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I snapped a whole lot of photos, and wanted to share some with you.

My last photo-heavy post got no comments, and I suspect that it took so long to load that everyone gave up on it. This time I’ve resized all the photos, so it should load quicker, and added a link in each caption to the full size photo, should you want a closer view of anything. I really hate squinting at a small photo, trying to make something out, that would be dead easy to see if only the full size photo was available. This is the best balance I can think of at the moment. Please let me know how it works for you.

Photos incoming …

Remember to click on a photo to see it a bit bigger, and also to be able to read the whole caption.

And then we came home – I was worn out! I totted it up; we’d covered 4 miles in all – not bad!

4 thoughts on “A canal walk around Uppermill

  1. SJ those are some GREAT pictures, sure looks like you had a wonderful day out with your WI. I like the house you picked out, should have plenty of room for Mom and I to visit. I so enjoy your posts especially the ones with pictures so we can see more of your England. Take care, give our best to Chris and have a fabulous day! Love, Dad

  2. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself and your photos are fab. Don’t move though! Just to put you off glossop is a walk in the park in winter compared to saddleworth – treacherous! Best for spring time visits….xxx
    Ps, very clever thumbnails on the photos that work great. Em

    • Ugh, you know how to talk me out of a thing, that’s for sure! Fine, I guess I’ll stay. ;-P

      Thanks for the compliments & feedback. I shall carry on with this arrangement for the photos, then, unless I get negative feedback, I suppose!

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