Fare Well, Glossop Events


A group I’ve enjoyed being part of, Walk the Wheel, which celebrates the changing seasons, is for now ended. The Beltane walk was cancelled by the organizer a few days beforehand, and she also announced that it was time for her to draw it all to a close. This wasn’t entirely unexpected by me, so it wasn’t a shock. I understand some of what’s going on in her life that’s led her to this; things are right for a time, and then they’re not. The notion we seem to have in our culture of permanence in all things leads to much more heartache than is necessary. I am sad for myself, though, because I quite like the celebrations, and the group of people, and I hope someone else picks up the reigns. We shall see what the future holds. In the mean time, Chris is being a sport and celebrating the turns of the wheel with me.

As I mulled over this turn of events for Walk the Wheel, I realized some more and larger truths. First of all, I realized that some of what Keli wrote echoes how I feel about Glossop Events:

I’ve been fighting this truth for some months; although I’ve sensed a need to release Walk the Wheel in its current form into the ether, seeing where it eventually ends up and perhaps allowing it to transform and be born anew in the future, I’ve been too afraid to do so. Afraid it would look like failure or a waste and afraid to lose all the wonderful connections I’ve made along the way. Despite being a great advocate of letting go and trusting in the cycles of nature, my instinct has been overcome by my fear of losing the friendships and community that I have been blessed to know and be a part of over these past years. Some of these friendships are still quite new, others go back much further; all are very important to me and something I am loath to see lost because I am feeling ‘uncertain’.

But if there is one thing walking the Wheel has taught me its that these feelings are often nudges towards a new path that holds new adventures and opportunities; for now I think my path needs to move away from organising Walk the Wheel.


Me, too. I’ve been fighting with myself over what to do about Glossop Events for some time. I’ve been afraid to let it go and lose all the wonderful connections, and the feeling of connectedness it gave me. But in truth, I’ve lost the passion for it; that’s the bottom line. I need to release it into the ether because maybe the spring energy is stirring the passion in someone else who wants to do it now, put their own spin on it, do it their own way. I need to release it because I need to close this project to leave myself open to other possibilities in life – ones I’m passionate about.

I’ve mostly enjoyed the time in my life I’ve spent doing Glossop Events. I’ve enjoyed the connections I’ve made; I hope they don’t all fade away. I hope people continue to enjoy events in the local area, and remember that there are plentiful things going on locally.

Go forth, support local events, enjoy them, be happy. 🙂

Photo by DttSP

Photo by DttSP

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  1. SJ, my observations echo what you talk about here. As we get older our interests change and we want to jump off and try new things. I think this is a natural progression of life. It is sad that often friendships made in previous interests seem to fall by the wayside, but usually new ones develop in your new interests.

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