Glossop Events Email Newsletter is now live!

I’m pleased to announce that you can now subscribe for an email newsletter of the events on my Glossop Events Calendar!

My wonderful husband, Chris, has written some code that collects the upcoming events for the next week and a bit, and generates an email. Have you looked at the calendar lately? I’ve found quite a lot of things going on – there were eleven separate things to do before noon today! In order to keep the email at something approximating a reasonable length, none of the descriptions will come in the email: you’ll get title, date, time, place, and a link to the description.

The email goes out early on Friday mornings, and you’ll get events for the two forthcoming weekends plus the week in between.

I add things to the calendar whenever I see them, sometimes with very little notice, so don’t think the email is the be-all and end-all! Please check the calendar directly anytime you’re actively looking for something to do.

The sign up form is on the top of the right sidebar on this website, but I shall include a copy here as well:

Enter your email address:
For more information, see the list information page.

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