First pumpkins of 2014!

 Posted by at 22:32 on 7 October 2014
Oct 072014

Ah, fall!

We’ve carved our first pumpkins of the season tonight – Chris’ is on the left, and mine is on the right:


They’re only small, these first ones we found. Larger ones will come later on. We both had other ideas for what to carve, but they’ll have to wait til the larger pumpkins come in. When they do, our local greengrocer’s staff members will start naming the pumpkins, which is always amusing.

We had a cinnamon candle burning, and a pumpkin pie in the fridge – Chris made it yesterday. He fell in love with pumpkin pie before he even knew I existed, so started making it way back then. He’s carried on – he makes a good pumpkin pie! 🙂 We’ll have some later on.

And now our jack o’lanterns are doing their job: sitting on the windowsill, scaring away any evil spirits. We face one in for us to enjoy, and one out to scare off bad things, and light them both each evening. These’ll last about a week, and then we’ll get some more and carve them, and continue til there are no more pumpkins. It’s our annual October ritual; the small things sure do perk up the calendar.

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