My painting

 Posted by at 16:07 on 2 September 2015
Sep 022015

I’ve been meaning to share this here. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine treated me to a day at The Laughing Badger in Padfield, an art gallery that has regular workshops – we were there from 10am to 2:30pm, and Sean, the owner, served us all lunch, and we did some art. We did paintings in the morning, and drawings in the afternoon. Aside from my friend and I, there were three others there for the day, and a couple of people dropped in just for breakfast, and a couple of others dropped in around lunchtime. Those who stayed all day go every week, and it was certainly laid back and friendly enough to see wanting to do that.

Neither my friend nor I is artistic – we can’t draw very well – and there wasn’t a great deal of instruction given, it being mostly a club atmosphere of people coming every week and just using whatever art supplies tickled their fancies. It’d be great for having a go at a method without having to buy the supplies, and the cameraderie and food were good. So anyway, Sean sketched an outline of some rocky, craggy islands in the sea and left us to sketching them onto the boards and then painting over that.

Seeing some silver paint on the table, I decided to make the orb in the sky a moon, and so here’s what I came up with:


Not a masterpiece, but not bad for a first attempt. It’s a-okay (and it’s a positive gem next to the drawing I made).

Sean passed by at one point and saw what was forming, and he said, “You have a darkness in your soul.” Heh. 😉

Once I got it home, Chris pointed out that the colors go with the ones in the bathroom, so now all I need is a frame, and it can go there!